• 100% authentic Cretan Aloe vera
  • From organic farming
  • Without aloin
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GG Hellenic Aloe offers you since 2006 till today, health and beauty products directly from the Cretan land. Our daily goals are to evolve and innovate, but above all to maintain our passion and love for our work.

Let us guide you to the beneficial qualities of this magic plant… of our Cretan Aloe vera!



Cretan Aloe is a gift of health and wellness directly from nature that will give you energy! It is the ideal and most enjoyable way to start your day and cope with the demands of daily life.



The beneficial properties of the Cretan aloe, combined with unique Greek herbs and essential oils compose the daily skincare of Hellenic Aloe. Natural Cretan Aloe vera Cosmetics based on Cretan aloe vera gel, occupy a special place of care in beauty and youthful looks.




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The fabled face cream recipe of Cleopatra with Aloe vera

August 26, 2019
Elizabeth Taylor in the legendary Cleopatra movie, 1963 // This is probably * one of Queen Cleopatra’s fabled face cream recipes. Cleopatra’s face cream ** definitely had as its base the fresh aloe vera gel and probably had the following recipe: 2 tablespoons fresh aloe vera gel 4 drops of rose essential oil 1 tablespoon almond oil and 2 tablespoons ...

Cistus creticus has the highest polyphenols concentration than any plant in Europe

August 23, 2019
Cistus or labdanum or incanus or villosus named Cistus creticus has most of the therapeutic, medicinal and cosmetic properties of all the species that belong to the family of Cistus and is found but also in other parts of Greece, ...

Only in Crete Cistus creticus is still collected by the ancient traditional way!

August 22, 2019
Authentic Cistus creticus “la(b)dano” is a sticky black (sometimes brown) resin collected from the plant Cistus creticus of the Cistacese family using a special tool called lavdanistiri and strictly without the use of any chemicals. In the Neolithic period, Cistus was collected from the hair of the goats. The strong and special scent of lavender didn’t leave ...