Hellenic Aloe

G.G. Hellenic Aloe is founded in 2006 in the island of Crete, Greece. We initially started by creating a network of organic farmers for Aloe vera barbadensis Miller, a certified variety of Aloe vera, specially adapted and cultivated in the rich Cretan soil – full of unique beneficial properties and natural ingredients.

In collaboration with three universities in Greece and Cyprus, we manage to expand our laboratory and research activities, creating an integrated processing to our production unit. The company’s highly trained scientific personnel and food technology experts, oversee the selected network of our organic farmers, so as to ensure the creation of groundbreaking high quality natural products; in an ongoing process of scientific research, development and innovation.

Today, G.G. Hellenic Aloe, is a pioneer in Greece in the process of stabilization of the raw inner leaf gel of the plant Aloe barbadensis Miller, held by natural means, for the production and bottling of Hellenic Aloe juices. Our innovative stabilization formula ensures one of the highest concentrations of Aloe vera gel worldwide, reaching 99.1%