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Hellenic Aloe


Skin’s daily protection shield. The natural health and beauty elixir that women and men trust daily.

Valuable and essential natural ingredients, such as vitamins, proteins, amino acids and enzymes, work in favor of the skin, making Cretan Aloe a wonderful herbal product of beauty and youth.

With a multiannual production of innovative Cretan Aloe products, we have proceed to the creation of Aloe Vera cosmetics, by testing and studying extensively all its special features and the needs of every skin type of every age.

Herbal extracts, collagen, hyaluronic, panthenol, vitamin E, Cretan olive oil, and real donkey milk are some of the valuable ingredients chosen to combine and showcase all the qualities of Cretan Aloe.

Putting on your cosmetics shelf the complete range of Hellenic Aloe care offers daily freshness, hydration, protection, regeneration, elasticity and anti-aging to your skin!


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