Daily monitoring of Aloe vera crops

The experienced agronomists of GG Hellenic Aloe, daily monitor the crops of the cooperating farmers and provide all the necessary instructions for the proper and biological growth of the plants.

Leaf samples are collected and sent to our laboratory, where specialized chemists determine the degree of maturity of the leaves and their concentration in nutrients.

When the nutrient concentration is at the highest level, at this point in cooperation with our agronomists our farmers cut the leaves and transport them to our factory.

Leaf harvesting and transportation to our factory

The purpose of the process is to harvest the leaves without any loss or damage to their precious ingredients and quickly transfer to the factory to avoid losing freshness. The leaves are harvested by qualified personnel, always under the supervision of the agronomists of the company.

Gel processing and separation

Leaves are taken to the plant within six (6) hours of harvesting and the process of processing is immediately initiated. They are firstly washed thoroughly and then propelled into special machines where the gel is removed from the inside of the leaf, without in any case grinding the entire leaf.  This way, high quality gel is obtained without the need to use chemicals to filter the fresh aloe gel.

Bottling of Aloe vera nutrient supplements

Then follows the homogenization process of the Aloe vera gel and bottling in glass bottles.

Production of cosmetics according to the standards of green cosmetology