GG Hellenic Aloe ltd was founded in order to produce and distribute aloe vera products.

We have gathered and continue to gather Biological Aloe Vera producer teams, all over the island of Crete, making sure that the production is distributed in the market.GG Hellenic Aloe guarantees the quality of aloe vera plants to the producers in competitive prices, and oversees thn cultivation to maintain quality of product.


The venturing began having in mind to cover human health needs.

hellenic product

Η εταιρία εφαρμόζει διαδικασίες κατά:




The first greek aloe vera gel is now a fact. The production of natural aloe vera gel is a result of a partnership between GG Hellenic Aloe Ltd and and a multidisciplinary sience team and a many years work and effords. The cooporate growth policy is to develop only natural aloe vera products for 22 product codes always persuing the creation of innovative products using traditional biological cultivating technics.



The company has also developed an export trading activity for traditional products based to cover human health needs, helping the producers to market their products within the company’s logistic network.

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