The Hellenic Aloe driven ton Food and Drink Code and under Regulation 852/2004 ton health, the research and development department first started with aloe leaves for gel extraction and stabilization of experimental.

After completion of the stabilization proces,s we start designing juices and food supplements in organic shops, pharmacies and products for cosmetics, with 100% gel aloe vera, which are constantly undergoing and planned, all necessary quality controls as well as all the necessary microbiological and chemical tests at accredited to ELOT EN ISO 17025/2005 laboratory.

After the stabilization of some specific recipes we  proceeded for experimental purposes, in the production of large amounts of aloe vera gel, so as to identify all potential hazards that could occur in our future productions to our products on an industrial scale.

Based on the raw material of gel of aloe we are creating innovative products in combination with other products of the primary sector, covering primarily human needs.

Hellenic Aloe company strictly with respect to our  friend customers and partners, the  installations for the production activity is based on continuous research and development and the continuous renewal of its infrastructure. The high quality of products and ensure food hygiene, guaranteed by all processes.

Two chemical laboratories of the company cooperates carry out systematic quality controls, according to the most demanding quality requirements, , they are equipped with the most modern analytical instrumentation of  advanced technology.

All stages of production and storage meet the required traceability procedures, in accordance with quality standards of the Greek and European legislation, which has as main goal the production and distribution of top quality products.

To achieve this goal has developed and implemented:

Strict selection and absolute control of the raw materials used to manufacture the products.
– Use of latest technology in its production facilities.
– Scientific and team collaboration accredited research centers.
– Monitoring of scientific and technological developments in the food sector.

The factory of the company structures are in full accordance with international quality management standards. National and international HACCP Food Safety Management standards, BRC and IFS.

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