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Hellenic Aloe

Aloe Frutti Smoothies

The main feature of Aloe Frutti, which makes them a unique product in all of Europe, is that they contain 8% of our unique Cretan, organic aloe.

Due to the cold press method, our smoothies contain both the juice and the pulp of fruits and vegetables, which are fresh before the whole process and not frozen, so that they do not lose any of their nutrients and vitamins. .

They do not contain any added sugar, nor do they contain any preservatives,

For this reason, their lifespan is 5 months.

As a freshly pressed smoothie prevents dehydration of the body,

Helps in weight loss I have always combined with a balanced diet,

They contain fibers that facilitate the process of digestion,

They strengthen the immune system and contribute to the proper functioning of the intestine,

They contain rich nutrients that maintain bone health, detoxify the body and improve the appearance of the skin and epidermis.

Finally, they are available in a glass vial, with an exclusive packaging reflecting on the quality of the product.