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Nutritional supplement from 99.1% Cretan raw aloe gel , organically grown. One of the highest percentages in the world! Free of sodium benzoate and aloe powder.

An eternal source of well-being from antiquity until today!

The unique Cretan aloe with the certification of the Agro-Food Partnership of Crete of the Region of Crete as a genuine Cretan product.



Product description: Nutritional supplement from 99.1% Cretan raw aloe gel , organic, stevia and lemon essential oil.

An eternal source of well-being from antiquity until today!

The well-known Cretan aloe is a treasure trove of valuable properties for all.

Aloe vera gel contains over 75 nutrients , while at the same time it is the main source of vitamins, with the main ones being B, C, E and β-carotene >. The combined action and balance between minerals, amino acids & many other beneficial ingredients, produces a stronger result than would be expected from each element separately, which makes Cretan aloe a daily and necessary product of health, beauty and wellness.

It offers stimulation to the body while at the same time detoxifying from harmful substances, even from nicotine. The stevia and the essential oil of lemon that enhance the authentic taste of Cretan aloe, as a result of which you offer your body every day a uniquely innovative plant nutritional supplement with excellent taste.

Dosage : 45ml [2-3 tablespoons] daily are able to continuously stimulate and detoxify the body, support the immune system, strengthen the digestive system, anti-aging, oral health care and weight adjustment and maintenance.

It is processed and bottled daily at the facilities of Hellenic Aloe in Crete, from freshly cut leaves that are strictly controlled by the Quality Assurance Department and are bottled on the same day with a direct destination to the consumer.

* Aloe365 is licensed by the Greek FDA – Not. Number: 95101/11-12-13

Available in 500ml and 1 liter glass bottle packaging


Weight 1.7 kg

500ml, 1LT

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