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Anti-aging hand cream with 50% Cretan aloe

Contributes to the development of collagen and elastin, elements necessary for the regeneration and maintenance of healthy skin and the fight against the effects of aging.

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Action : Anti-aging, hydration, elasticity, light antiseptic, effective on cracked and sore hands

Product Description:
Anti-aging hand cream with 50% Cretan organic aloe & natural agents. The karate butter together with the olive oil, nourish & protect the skin from environmental pollutants & ultraviolet radiation, while at the same time acting as anti-aging agents.
Cretan aloe in combination with chamomile extract & panthenol soothes, helps & gently rejuvenates the skin, acting as a natural shield against bacteria & fungi.
Urea is a powerful moisturizing agent, keeping the moisture in the skin constant. When urea is applied through a cream, it attracts and binds water.
Suitable & for cracked hands. It is not greasy, it is easily absorbed & leaves a pleasant, velvety feeling.

How to use:
For best results, apply as many times as needed on clean and dry skin Gently massage until absorbed.

NATURAL MOISTURIZING FACTORS: 50% Cretan organic aloe, shea butter, chamomile extract, urea, almond oil, panthenol, vitamin E and Cretan virgin organic olive oil

CPNP Reference: 2778502 EU

Available in an airless 75ml bottle


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