MULTI EFFECT ALOE VERA CREAM with 93% Cretan aloe & vitamin E

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Strong hydrating formula with 93% fresh Cretan aloe gel *

Suitable for all skin types, for use on face and body. It is used as a strong moisturizing cream, for deep hydration, regeneration, relief from burns and chronic skin diseases.

All the beneficial and healing properties of Cretan aloe in a bottle

*organic culture

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Strong hydrating formula with 93% fresh Cretan aloe gel


  • Relief and fast healing of sunburn
  • Regenerative action, ideal for people with acne due to the antiseptic action of aloe
  • Regenerative skin action due to aloe and vitamin E.
  • Deep hydration of body & face, ideal for men after shaving
  • Regenerative action against skin stretch marks
  • Rapid relief of irritations & itching caused by insect bites
  • Faster healing of closed wounds
  • Faster skin recovery from bruises caused by an injury or blow or injectable treatment
  • Faster skin regeneration & recovery from burns
  • Faster relief from Herpes Zoster
  • Faster relief of skin inflammations
  • Therapeutic action in chronic dermatitis from autoimmune diseases

Product Description:

The combined effect of its nutrients, when absorbed by our body, has a stronger effect than each individual component.
In addition, due to its adaptive properties, Aloe vera can offer every skin type the moisturizing elements it needs.
This makes the Multi Effect 93% Aloe vera cream ideal for all skin types.
It is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves a pleasant velvety feeling.
Due to the high content of fresh Cretan aloe gel and vitamin E, which is a powerful moisturizing agent for the skin, Multi Effect can also be used as a moisturizing face cream .

How to use:
For best results apply twice a day on clean and dry skin Gently massage until absorbed.

NATURAL MOISTURIZING FACTORS: 93% fresh gel of Cretan organic aloe, vitamin E and urea.

CPNP Reference: 2778470 EU

Available in 50ml tube, airless bottle of 150ml and 500ml


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50ml, 150ml, 500ml

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