GG Hellenic Aloe is the major ambassador of Cretan Aloe vera barbadensis Miller worldwide.

Our philosophy and vision are reflected in our name. The Greek Aloe

Proud to be cultivated on Cretan soil, we have taken on the responsibility and the great weight of the heritage, to preserve the organic cultivation of Aloe vera barbadensis Miller, so that we can pass it on to the next generations.

The core of our values is the respect and protection of our natural environment, the flourishing of Greek organic farming, the constant investment in the research of Cretan aloe and the production of products of high biological value. Our products have been manufactured responsibly, with the sole purpose of contributing to the health, beauty and welfare of the people who choose to use them every day.

In addition, we continue our constant effort to further consolidate Hellenic Aloe in the international market, having as a competitive advantage the extraordinary therapeutic qualities of Cretan Aloe, the uniqueness and high quality of our nutritional supplements & herbal cosmetics as well as the passion and dedication of our employees.

We have been consistently working for over fifteen years in order to be humbly serving Nature and our customers!