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G.G. Hellenic Aloe, was founded in 2006, operates in Crete and distributes worldwide. Its founder initially gathered selected networks of organic producers of Aloe Barbadensis miller, a genetically certified variety of Aloe vera, specially adapted to the temperate Mediterranean climate.

In collaboration with three universities, in Greece and Cyprus, it managed to expand its activities, creating a vertical unit for processing and production of products. The well-trained scientific staff and the food technologists of the company, supervise the selected crops of the network, aiming at the continuous research and development in the production of quality and innovative products.

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Today, G.G. Hellenic Aloe is the first company nationwide that has specialized in the processing and stabilization of fresh aloe gel, for the production and bottling of the first Greek-Cretan juice, with the highest content of Aloe vera gel in the world, about 99.1%. Moving on to the next development goal, now having many years of experience in the production of innovative products based on Cretan aloe, G.G. Hellenic Aloe has created a complete range of "aloe" herbal cosmetics, studying extensively all the special ingredients of Cretan aloe, as well as the needs of every skin, of every age.

In the context of promotion and distribution of unique health and beauty products, the 1st Aloe Concept store in the historic center of Heraklion was created in order to guide and explain to aloe lovers, its miraculous properties.

Let us guide you and reward your body with the beneficial properties of this magical plant… of Cretan Aloe!

Our Vision

GG Hellenic Aloe is a leading ambassador of Cretan Aloe barbadensis Miller worldwide. The philosophy and vision are reflected in the company's name.

The Greek Aloe


Proud of the products produced by our Cretan soil, we have taken on the responsibility and the great weight of the heritage, to preserve the organic cultivation of Aloe vera barbadensis Miller, in order to pass it on to the next generations.

The core of our values is the respect and protection of our natural environment, the flourishing of Greek organic farming, the steady investment in the research of Cretan aloe and the production of products of high biological value. Our products are made responsibly, with the sole purpose of contributing to the health, beauty and well-being of the people who choose us every day.

In addition, we continue our constant effort for the further consolidation of Hellenic Aloe in the international market having as a supply the amazing healing properties of Cretan aloe, the uniqueness and high quality of our food supplements & herbal cosmetics, as well as the passion and dedication of our employees.

For over fifteen years we consistently try to be next to the Nature and you!


Let us guide you and reward your body with the beneficial properties of this magical plant… of Cretan Aloe!

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